Devil's Boy

Don't look through broken glass

I say, don't look through broken glass,
Don't let the minutes quickly pass,
'Cause every second you can't hold
Will make you tired, will make you old.

I say, don't look through broken time,
Through deadly sin that makes a crime.
Look at the fallen world around,
Come back from dreams and kiss the ground.

I say, don't look through broken heart,
Tomorrow night I shall depart;
My God will show me the way -
I have to go, I cannot stay.

I say, don't look through broken past,
Forget your hopes and your lust,
Don't cry for things you can't regain.
Remember: life can be a game.


Guardian Angel

You were born to travel far,
To observe the falling star,
Sing with birds the songs of youth,
Witness angels virgin birth.

Heaven gave you wings to fly
Cover me from trembling sky,
Give me peace and faith tonight,
Watch my first unstable flight.

Cure children all around,
Free my legs that still are bound,
Light my way like shining sun.
Be my father, bless my son.


Devil's Boy

Lonely soul from the night
Comes to you, gives you light.
Don't you know, Devil's boy,
We were born to destroy.

People laugh on the Earth,
Their lives are not worth.
Slay them all, suck the blood,
Turn the corpse into mud.

Come with me to the Hell,
Auful taste, poison smell.
Walking through dancing flame
You'll forget mother's name.

Don't cry for your past -
You'll forget it so fast.
Don't fear, Devil's boy,
Come with me to destroy.

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