My Soul

The Revenge

My thoughts are mixing in my head,
Still can't believe that you're dead.
I feel the raindrops on my lip,
All day, all night the tears drip.

I still remember all we had:
All hours, when I was sad,
All our meetings in the park,
But now my future is too dark.

I try to feel, that you're gone;
My soul is lost, I'm all alone.
I'll hunt your enemies and fight
And I will blind them by the light.

I see the angels in the street
And feel a sharp pain in my feet.
I cannot stand, but I can fly.
I know what's truth and what is lie.

I always try, but cannot change
My thoughts about the revenge.
I'll put the sword in traitor's hand,
I'll drink his blood, I'll see his end.

My soul

All my childish dreams are stolen.
I'm not saint, I'm lost, I'm fallen.
But you see, my soul is living,
It knows all, what you believe in.

Real world around is broken;
I don't close my eyes, I'm woken.
Now I know, where is your spirit
And my soul will make you see it.

I will take you from the fears,
Where you lived for many years,
Where you dreamt, but still was blinded,
Looked for truth and couldn't find it.

You will meet me in the silence,
On the cold and desert islands;
And one day instead of dreaming
You will see my soul screaming.


Yellow Clouds

Yellow clouds of my dreams
Hide in cold and heavy winds.
I can't see them in the sky,
Where all my hopes die.

Closing my eyes and face,
I can touch the stars in space.
You will take the hero's sword,
We will come to magic world.

Walking in the paradise,
I'm afraid to open eyes.
Yellow clouds are so high,
Hidden in the pain and lie.

Living in the world of war,
People don't fly so far.
Angel's shout sweetly sounds
From the yellow candy clouds.


Into Night

All my life is black and white:
Boring day and silent night,
Full of love that made me hate,
Made me cry, forgive and wait.

Now I walk among the waves,
Fly without wings to space:
Into Night and to the stars,
To the world without wars.

Night is my unusual world,
So indifferent and cold.
There's no place for tears -
It is filled with blood and fears.

In the Night I pray for death,
You will hear my last breath.
Now I have the greatest chance
To forget the day at once.


The End Of Life

I知 sitting in the prison
And listening to lie,
I try to find a reason
Why now I have to die.

My troubles and my fears
Will disappear soon.
I知 crying bloody tears
And speaking with the moon.

I知 watching in the mirror
Your red and bleeding name;
In past I was a hero,
But now we are the same.

My feelings are still burning,
But they can稚 stand the pain.
My head is hardly turning;
I知 dying in the rain.


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